Love is so intangible that it goes beyond human perception.

Sometimes, loving can be so exasperating. Tailed with this tremendous effort to pour in affection to someone is the inevitable reality that somehow pain will cross the threshold of what may seem fleeting. But along the way, as soon as you are able to walk though this bitter path of desperation and feeling of “I wished I’ve been this or that” would be a realization that loving is actually worth it.

Many would sulked into the pitiable self, trying their very best to find the ground they would fit in after the tumultuous relationship. Only to find that it is becoming more and more difficult to erase the image of your love that have been etched though the times. I can only imagine how hard it would be to sleep seeing the face of that someone you have dearly loved, thought of everyday and cared for.

So no wonder I have friends who will approach me and say that they feel their world falls apart and they are walking their way with their life crumbling behind their steps. Looking at it, you might find this a little worrying.

I usually do not know what to say in the beginning; worried that whatever I might say would be a sure recipe for an added insult to the injury. I have always been very careful with the bits and pieces of my not-so wise advices about love.

I retreat to my own reflection and mull over many issues of relationship. I know for a fact that love conquers all and transcends age, culture, geography and let’s say, sex as well. Being in love could be the sweetest thing one could ever experience.

For love is that something that has so many definition and yet, deep inside, the truest meaning of love becomes so incomprehensible and beyond any portrayal that one can understand despite the wonder of verbal communication. How many times people failed to offer reasons why they love someone? That is because love is so intangible that it goes beyond human perception.

So when love carries someone to the seventh Heaven, it can also dig you down under. For it is so powerful that mankind through time immemorial have witnessed the incredible force that love can bestow to the world. Love launched nations to war, changed the face of civilization and saved mankind from the gates of hell.

Although man is very limited to see love according to what may seem superficial to many, for the true understanding of love sometimes come upon us when someone you truly love is already gone. When that someone is no longer there to feel your embrace, the subtle kiss of your lips that long for favorable reception and perfect comfort even when you both are oblivious to the silence of togetherness.

The emptiness is so agonizing, it hurts so much that missing your someone would pierce a deep scar in your heart, battling the memories of your togetherness to stop haunting your vulnerable spirit. Then tell me, how could someone easily leave behind the reminiscence of the love that once made them invisible and had an almost never-say-die aspirations to conquer the world?

Oh love! Why art thou so strange that thou made man to cringe over the fallen foliage of what was once splendid beating of 2 hearts? Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

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