I got assailed with so many weird things this week.

I got assailed with so many weird things this week. Here is one for you. There was one of those guys from apartment complex I live who suddenly came up to me, while I was standing beside my supermarket cart, whispering that he thinks I can play tennis well. He nudged himself toward my ear and said things I did not readily understand.

The way he did it reminded me of mobsters trying to lure me to buy drugs. Only because it fell under the category of “weirdness,” I was not exactly very polite and got a bit jumpy, retreated in a flash and gave him a stern look. Only then I realized that he was telling me that he wants to help me with my tennis practice.

I wrote something about “invisible people” sometime ago then found out I am again guilty of keeping other people in transparent mode - harsh. He said he usually see me in the gym when I am not in the tennis court. I kinda felt I was a “little” distant and less affable that time.

Then I become conscious that he was actually trying to make friends or unless he had seen me play tennis and thought I am in a terrible need of some kind of help. This is funny, without me knowing, the poor guy was just intending to help me sort out my tennis game because it makes him sick watching me whack those tennis balls and turning that “noble” game into a spectacle of guffaws.

So trying to recompense my offensive reaction, I told him that I will be glad to see him help me with my tennis strokes and prolly, he can teach me to be the tennis player that I wanna be. I was almost tempted to ask if he would make me the next Federer (who, by the way, I think will win the Cincinnati Open) and would he be kind to bring me Gatorade as well during every game. Oh that sounds condescending. Come on, I am just kidding.

I am beginning to believe that I am a likeable person (geeez, I am flattering myself way to much here but definitely not thrilled with “him” liking me though) and for not having recognized the people who wanted to give their assistance to better my everyday existence is a substantial shame because unlike the rest of you guys, I have nothing to offer except my one big cheesy smile.

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