My self-pity was devouring my will to keep going.

I have not written anything for like eternity. If you’d ask me what have came to pass about me and my boring uneventful life, I guess, it wasn’t that less exciting at all. I got mugged. I was hospitalized and became a party MC shortly after my hospital discharge. Actually, I needed to leave the hospital to be able to host that party. Now beat that.

Aside from my gruesome mug experience with 5 brainless brutes, I can relate what have happened to me during my short ER experience. I guess I am still not willing to recollect my hold-up experience just yet. Drop you a hint. It was a near death experience. Now drop it.

As everybody knows, my allergic rhinitis haunted me like hell. I was having nauseating post-nasal drip and my nose is just so spiteful to me. I swear I could take all my antihistamine pills to get my allergy to rest but it was no avail. I was beginning to feel like I got cooked with my nasal spray. I suddenly felt a chest tightening. I mean, I can’t breath well. I ignored it and went on with my life that day. I had it relieved for a while so I thought I could go to do my grocery. I never thought I’ll have asthma attack, but then all of that shortness of breathing was already a symptom that I was actually having exacerbation.

I was able to survive my attack in the supermarket. I went to shower immediately as soon as I got home. Tried to sleep but my chest is getting too tight, I was actually gasping for air. I could hear my lungs wheezing. I walked my way to the hospital, I think it was the longest 50 meters walk I ever did in my entire life. I presented myself at the ER and the doctors immediately went to work. I had my IV, a nebulization, my oxygen saturation was all time low and my blood pressure was shooting up high. My heart rate was like gone mad. I felt like the window of consciousness is closing upon me. I was terribly dizzy.

I wanted to leave ASAP when I got a bit relieved but then I was surprised that the doctor ordered the nurse to admit me for confinement. I was shocked. Scared and a bit pissed off. I wanted to leave and was so frustrated why they can’t understand that. They ordered for an ECG. One of the ER nurses put me on a wheel chair and wheeled me off to the radiology department for my chest X-Ray, I thought I’d pass out. I swear I wanted to puke that time. I was glad that the staff were too patient and caring. I got a couple of shots, blood sample was taken from me and the last thing I can remember, I was shivering not sure because of cold or the IV shot that I was injected.

After that ordeal in the ER, I was transferred to the ward. Gladly, the nurses there are my friends. You know, when you become terribly sick, the first thing that would hit you is how on earth that you are in a hospital and not even one from your loved ones were there beside you. That thought hit me like a total devastation. My self-pity was devouring my will to keep going. My nerves are all wrecked up that moment but the worst thing was about me being alone.

That was the hardest part of it. I learned then that life is too short. I have never appreciated much about the significance of staying healthy. That period of my life, the thought of how much I love to stay with my loved ones preoccupied me. That experience had caused me to appreciate life more fully.

Oh, so I forgot about the party, wait up for it. I’d write more about that shindig in a short while.

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